The Design Patterns Smalltalk Companion

By: S. Alpert, K. Brown, B. Woolf
Published in: Addison-Wesley, 1998

Summary: A companion volume to GoF with additional information about the design patterns presented from a Smalltalk perspective.

Pattern: Abstract Factory

Pages: 31-46

Contains: Abstract Factory [Gamma+95],

Pattern: Builder

Pages: 47-61

Contains: Builder [Gamma+95],

Pattern: Factory Method

Pages: 63-76

Contains: Factory Method [Gamma+95],

Pattern: Prototype

Pages: 77-89

Contains: Prototype [Gamma+95],

Pattern: Singleton

Pages: 91-101

Contains: Singleton [Gamma+95],

Pattern: Adapter

Pages: 105-119

Contains: Adapter [Gamma+95],

Pattern: Bridge

Pages: 121-135

Contains: Bridge [Gamma+95],

Pattern: Composite

Pages: 137-159

Contains: Composite [Gamma+95],

Pattern: Decorator

Pages: 161-177

Contains: Decorator [Gamma+95],

Pattern: Facade

Pages: 179-188

Contains: Facade [Gamma+95],

Pattern: Flyweight

Pages: 189-211

Contains: Flyweight [Gamma+95],

Pattern: Proxy

Pages: 213-221

Contains: Proxy [Gamma+95],

Pattern: Chain of Responsibility

Pages: 225-244

Contains: Chain of Responsibility [Gamma+95],

Pattern: Command

Pages: 245-259

Contains: Command [Gamma+95],

Pattern: Interpreter

Pages: 261-286

Contains: Interpreter [Gamma+95],

Pattern: Iterator

Pages: 273-286

Contains: Iterator [Gamma+95],

Pattern: Mediator

Pages: 287-296

Contains: Mediator [Gamma+95],

Pattern: Memento

Pages: 297-304

Contains: Memento [Gamma+95],

Pattern: Observer

Pages: 305-326

Contains: Observer [Gamma+95],

Pattern: State

Pages: 327-338

Contains: State [Gamma+95],

Pattern: Strategy

Pages: 339-353

Contains: Strategy [Gamma+95],

Pattern: Template Method

Pages: 355-369

Contains: Template Method [Gamma+95],

Pattern: Hook Method

Pages: 358

Contains: Hook Method [Pree94],

Pattern: Visitor

Pages: 371-385

Contains: Visitor [Gamma+95],