Pattern-Based Integration Architectures

By: D.E. Mularz
Published in: PLoPD1
Pages: 441-452
Category: Integration

Summary: Scheme for a paradigm shift from custom development to component integration.

Pattern: (Legacy) Wrapper

Pages: 444-445

Provide continued access to a legacy application while extending its capability and user base, eventually leading to its replacement.

Pattern: Work Flow Manager

Pages: 445-448

Provide an integration component to automatically perform a user-defined task based on a known, repeatable execution sequence performed by stand-alone components. Use scripts to start and control the execution context for an integrated suite of applications.

Pattern: Broker

Pages: 448-449

This pattern provides communication and location transparency for interoperating applications.

Pattern: Shared Repository

Pages: 449-450

Provide an integration scheme that allows individual components to process information in an internal form while sharing information with other components. Define a shared information model that captures all the data that can potentially be exchanged between components. Build an importer and an exporter for each component for the common data.