Pattern Languages of Program Design

By: J.O. Coplien, D.C. Schmidt, eds.
Published in: Addison-Wesley, 1995

Summary: Papers from the first patterns conference, PLoP '94.

Aarsten+95G++: A Pattern Language for Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
Adams95Functionality Ala Carte
Auer95Reusability Through Self-Encapsulation
Berczuk95A Pattern for Separating Assembly and Processing
Buschmann95The Master-Slave Pattern
Coplien95bA Generative Development-Process Pattern Language
Cunningham95CHECKS: A Pattern Language of Information Integrity
DeBruler95A Generative Pattern Language for Distributed Processing
Edwards95Streams: A Pattern for "Pull-Driven" Processing
Foote+95Life cycle and Refactoring Patterns that Support Evolution and Reuse
Kerth95Caterpillar's Fate: A Pattern Language for the Transformation from Analysis to Design
Martin95bDiscovering Patterns in Existing Applications
Meszaros95Pattern: Half-Object + Protocol (HOPP)
Meunier95The Pipes and Filters Architecture
Mularz95Pattern-Based Integration Architectures
Peterson95Stars: A Pattern Language for Query-Optimized Schemas
Portner95Flexible Command Interpreter: A Pattern for an Extensible and Language-Independent Interpreter System
Ran95Patterns of Events
Riehle+95A Pattern Language for Tool Construction and Integration Based on the Tools and Materials Metaphor
Rubel95Patterns for Generating a Layered Architecture
Schmidt95Reactor: An Object Behavioral Pattern for Concurrent Event Demultiplexing and Event Handler Dispatching
Shaw95Patterns for Software Architectures
Soukup95Implementing Patterns
Towell95Request Screen Modification
Viljamaa95Client-Specified Self
Wake95Account Number: A Pattern
Whitenack95RAPPeL: A Requirements-Analysis Process Pattern Language for Object-Oriented Development
Wolf+95New Clients with Old Servers: A Pattern Language for Client/Server Frameworks
Woolf95Understanding and Using the ValueModel Framework in VisualWorks Smalltalk