Pattern Languages of Program Design 2

By: J. Vlissides, J.O. Coplien, N. L. Kerth, eds.
Published in: Addison-Wesley, 1996

Summary: Papers from the second patterns conference, PLoP '95.

Aarsten+96bObject-Oriented Design Patterns in Reactive Systems
Adams+96Fault-Tolerant Telecommunication System Patterns
Anthony96Patterns for Classroom Education
Auer+96Lazy Optimization: Patterns for Efficient Smalltalk Programming
Berczuk96Organizational Multiplexing: Patterns for Processing Satellite Telemetry with Distributed Teams
Brown+96bCrossing Chasms: A Pattern Language for Object-RDBMS Integration
Cargill96Localized Ownership: Managing Dynamic Objects in C++
Cockburn96Prioritizing Forces in Software Design
Coram96Demo Prep: A Pattern Language for the Preparation of Software Demonstrations
Cunningham96EPISODES: A Pattern Language of Competitive Development
Foote+96Evolution, Architecture, and Metamorphosis
Fowler96Accountability and Organizational Structures
Harrison96Organizational Patterns for Teams
Hopley96Decision Deferral and Capture Pattern Language
Johnson96Transactions and Accounts
Kim+96Implementation Patterns for the Observer Pattern
Lavender+96Active Object: An Object Behavioral Pattern for Concurrent Programming
McKenney96aSelecting Locking Designs for Parallel Programs
Meszaros96A Pattern Language for Improving the Capacity of Reactive Systems
Orenstein96A Pattern Language for an Essay-Based Web Site
Ran96MOODS: Models for Object-Oriented Design of State
Riehle96bPatterns for Encapsulating Class Trees
Rohnert96The Proxy Design Pattern Revisited
Rossi+96Design Patterns for Object-Oriented Hypermedia Applications
Sane+96aDetachable Inspector/Removable cout: A Structural Pattern for Designing Transparent Layered Services
Sane+96bResource Exchanger: A Behavioral Pattern for Low-Overhead Concurrent Resource Management
Schmidt+96Half-Sync/Half-Async: An Architectural Pattern for Efficient and Well-Structured Concurrent I/O
Shaw96Some Patterns for Software Architectures
Sommerlad96Command Processor
Sommerlad+96The Client-Dispatcher-Server Design Pattern
Subramanian+96Backup Pattern: Designing Redundancy in Object-Oriented Software
Wake+96Improving Responsiveness in Interactive Applications Using Queues
Woolf96Partitioning Smalltalk Code into ENVY/Developer Components