Pattern Languages of Program Design 3

By: R.C. Martin, D. Riehle, F. Buschmann, eds.
Published in: Addison-Wesley, 1998

Summary: Papers from PLoP '96 and EuroPLoP '96.

Bäumer+98Product Trader
Boyd98bBusiness Patterns of Association Objects
Bradac+98A Pattern Language for Developing Form Style Windows
Cleeland+98bExternal Polymorphism
DeLano+98Patterns for System Testing
Dyson+98State Patterns
Foote+98The Selfish Class
Foster+97A Pattern Language of Transport Systems (Point and Route)
Gamma98Extension Object
Harrison98Patterns for Logging Diagnostic Messages
Johnson+98Type Object
Keller+98bAccessing Relational Databases
Martin98Acyclic Visitor
Meszaros+98A Pattern Language for Pattern Writing
Molin+98Points and Deviations: Pattern Language of Fire Alarm Systems
Nordberg98Default and Extrinsic Visitor
Pyarali+98Asynchronous Completion Token
Roberts+98Patterns for Evolving Frameworks
Schmidt98bAcceptor and Connector
Schmidt+98Double-Checked Locking
Selic98Recursive Control
Silva+98Object Recovery
Weir98Patterns for Designing in Teams
Woolf98Null Object
Zhao+98bA Pattern Language of Transport Systems (Point and Route)