Design Patterns for Object-Oriented Hypermedia Applications

By: G. Rossi, A. Garrido, S. Carvalho
Published in: PLoPD2
Pages: 177-191
Category: Hypermedia

Summary: Design patterns for object-oriented applications with hypermedia functionality.

Pattern: NavigationStrategy

Pages: 180-185

In conventional hypermedia applications, links are hard-coded from the source node to the target. Define a family of algorithms that decouples the activation of hypermedia links from the computation of their endpoints, allowing different means of obtaining the endpoints and their lazy creation.

Category: Hypermedia

Pattern: NavigationObserver

Pages: 185-189

Hypermedia applications should record navigation in a user-perceptible way. Decouple navigation from the perceivable record of the process, and simplify the construction of navigation history viewers by separating the hypermedia components (nodes and links) from the objects that implement both the record of navigation and its appearance.

Category: Hypermedia