Some Patterns for Software Architectures

By: M. Shaw
Published in: PLoPD2
Pages: 252-269
Category: Architectural

Summary: Guidance for high-level system design. Continuation of [Shaw95]

Pattern: Pipeline

Pages: 259

Contains: Pipeline [Shaw95],

Pattern: Data Abstraction or Object-Oriented

Pages: 260

Contains: Data Abstraction or Object-Oriented [Shaw95],

Pattern: Communicating Processes

Pages: 261

For applications with a collection of distinct, largely independent computations whose execution should proceed independently, computations coordinate data or control at discrete points in time.

Category: Architectural, Parallel Programming

Pattern: Implicit Invocation or Event-Based

Pages: 262

Contains: Implicit Invocation or Event-Based [Shaw95],

Pattern: Repository

Pages: 263

Contains: Repository [Shaw95],

Pattern: Interpreter

Pages: 264

Contains: Interpreter [Shaw95],

Pattern: Main Plus Subroutines

Pages: 265

Contains: Main Plus Subroutines [Shaw95],

Pattern: Layered Architecture

Pages: 266

Contains: Layered Architecture [Shaw95],